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Alec Schuler of Tangerine

Alec Schuler of Arugula and TangerineChef/proprietor Alec Schuler was born and raised in the suburbs of New York by immigrant European parents and went on to study at the University of Colorado Boulder.

He became captivated by restaurants and the food scene when he started bussing tables as a teenager. In his late twenties, Alec enrolled at Manhattan’s nutrition-oriented Natural Gourmet Institute and fell even more in love with creating food and putting flavors together.

His nutrition-oriented culinary training, culinary passions and lifestyle all come through on the innovative menus he creates at Tangerine.

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway In Boulder, CO

My Perfect Day in Boulder:
  • Wake up to the Boulder sunshine and start my day with a meditation and some Qigong.
  • Then head to Tangerine for the perfect Salto Coffee Works oat milk cappuccino along with our famous trout-and-apple Benedict.
  • Gather my wife and four sons and take everyone for a stroll and some people-watching at the Boulder Farmers Market or on the Pearl Street Mall.
  • Load up the truck and head to the local mountains, into Boulder Canyon towards Nederland.
  • Pick some apples and wild peas, if in season.
  • We take advantage of the great outdoor lifestyle that Boulder offers with a hike or a mountain bike ride in the vicinity of the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway.