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Living Like a Local Itinerary


Get up early — you're living like a Boulderite for the day! Head downtown to Pearl Street and start your day off right with a cup of joe at Boulder's famous Trident Bookseller & Café. This establishment has been serving up coffee and selling new and used books to Boulder residents for decades.

West end Pearl Street storefronts in Wintertime

Breakfast is just a stroll to the yellow house known as Lucile's. This well-known local favorite serves a tasty Creole brunch, but be sure to get there early because it fills up fast.

Lucile's Boulder

After brunch, it's time to get physically and mentally connected with your body at the Yoga Pod. Whether you're only able to touch your toes or you're able to perform Urdhva Dhanurasana with straight arms, this yoga studio offers a variety of classes to suit all abilities.


With your head cleared and your body rejuvenated it's time to venture north to the Community Plaza Shopping Center. Stop in Ideal Market, sip a cup of herbal tea at Pekoe Tea House, and discuss wine with a master sommelier at Boulder Wine Merchant. While you are in the neighborhood, grab lunch at Breadworks. Your nose will lead you there as the aromas of fresh pastries and bread varieties overwhelm the air.

Return downtown and go to Central Park where you'll find a gorgeous array of locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers along with other locally produced specialty products at the Boulder Farmers Market.

Boulder Farmers Market Man with flowers


Catch some live music at the Fox Theatre, named one of the best small venues in the country by Rolling Stone magazine. Finish off the day with friends at The Sink, a pizza and burger joint that's scrawled with graffiti inside, or the Southern Sun Pub & Brewery for a few rounds of microbrews.

Southern Sun