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Boulder's Destination Snapshot

An Overview for Meeting Professionals

Get to know the city of Boulder to see if it's right for your group. This little city at the foot of the Rockies is ideal for groups who value short travel time, spectacular scenery, innovative ideas and a friendly, laid-back vibe. 


Denver International Airport serves 215 destinations nonstop and is just a 45-minute drive on easy, scenic highway. No mountain passes to traverse!

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Our incentives could help offset the cost of your meeting up to $4,000!

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What's in Boulder's DNA?


The Flatirons are our pride and joy, and your attendees will be captivated, too. These are some of the best views in the Mountain West.

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The heart and soul of Boulder, this outdoor pedestrian mall is lined with historic buildings, home to 89% independently owned shops and restaurants.

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Boulder's a leader in technology, outdoor recreation, natural foods, solar and cleantech, pharmaceuticals, bioscience, aerospace and climate science.

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A Landscape Fit for Fun


Boulder's Group Sales Team

Fig Wirkler, Visit Boulder

Angela "Fig" Wirkler, CMP Director of Group Sales

Lindsey Rohrbaugh Headshot

Lindsey Rohrbaugh Group Sales Manager

Natalie Cutter

Natalie Cutter Group Sales Manager