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Give Your Meeting Boulder Flavor

Plan a meeting that’s uniquely, fabulously Boulder with a setting and culture that infuses your group’s activities, food, sessions and welcome bags with riveting personality. In turn, you’ll inspire your attendees with fun and flavor that gets them talking.

Catch the Biking Bug

Did you know? Boulder has more than 300 miles of bikeways and is consistently on People for Bike’s list of the top 10 best bike cities in the U.S. We even have a bike-part vending machine downtown, and the city often clears the bike paths of snow before the roads. We’re obsessed with bikes.

Get Boulder-y: The surest way to fall in love with biking in Boulder is on an e-bike, which lets you zip up and down hills with the greatest of ease (and with a very low learning curve). We have several e-bike tour operators who can bring a fleet of bikes to you and lead your group on a fascinating, trivia-filled tour of Boulder. Have team members with mobility challenges? They can try motorized handcycling through the city’s accessibility program.

An e-bike tour stops in front of the Boulder Theater

Unleash Their Inner Mad Scientist

Did you know? Boulder’s a hub of scientific research, with the University of Colorado and dozens of federally funded science laboratories based here. We’re also ground zero for a lot of the tech innovation happening in the country today, with startups galore and offices for Google, BAE Systems, Inc. (Ball Aerospace), Apple and many more. And a lot of our brewers, distillers and vintners started as scientists, too!

Get Boulder-y: Visit Boulder can help arrange a fascinating tech or science expert as your keynote speaker. Or better yet, get hands-on at Boulder's Bookcliff Vineyards, where your group (minimum 12) can practice the science (and art) of winemaking and compete against one another to create the best tasting blends (which they can then take home in a bottle adorned with a label of their own design). 

Surveying the casks at Bookcliff Vineyards

Launch Their Curiosity

Did you know? Boulder has produced 20 astronauts, including one of the first, Scott Carpenter, who got to name one of the spacecrafts he flew in (the Aurora 7) after the streets he grew up on in Boulder (Seventh Street and Aurora Avenue). 

Get Boulder-y: Arrange for an evening stargazing tour with Elevated Astronomy Tours. Your expert guide will bring some fancy telescopes and show you how to use them as he points out galaxies, shooting stars, nebulae, satellites and more marvels of the night sky. 

Photo by Vincent Ledvina
Fall in Love With the Flatirons

Did you know? Those slanting red, sandstone rock formations at Boulder’s western edge are called the Flatirons, and they are our pride and joy. So much so, that Boulder limits building heights to about three stories with the sole purpose of preserving the city’s priceless mountain views!

Get Boulder-y: An event in Boulder calls for a killer Flatirons view for your attendees to enjoy. We’ll help you find a venue that fits the bill, but right off the top of our heads, Corrida, the Museum of Boulder, the Rio Grande, St Julien Hotel & Spa’s courtyard, Rayback Collective and Avanti F&B are sure bets.

Photo by Gwen Gray
Foster Health and Happiness

Did you know? National Geographic recognized Boulder as "The Happiest City in the U.S." Why so happy? It’s likely a combination of factors: a surfeit of sunny days, a focus on life-work balance, natural beauty that’s always within view, and ultra-fresh dining and natural foods scenes.

Get Boulder-y: Help your guests get outside in the fresh air on a nature walk. Bring in a meditation guide to start or end their day with intention. Offer a grounding yoga session. And provide healthy, nutritious meals. We actually have a whole guide for crafting healthy meetings in Boulder.

A group yoga class at Embassy Suites by Hilton Boulder

Go for Gift Bags That Do Good

Did you know? Boulder has the highest per-capita concentration of B Corps in the nation. Those are companies where environmental conservation and social responsibility are equally as important as revenues. 

Get Boulder-y: Take the opportunity to fill your team’s swag bags with goodies like Purely Elizabeth granola, Conscious Coffees or Bhakti Chai. You’ll feel good knowing that each purchase contributes to the environment or worthy causes. 

Capture the Olympic Spirit

Did you know? Boulder’s connection to the Olympic Games runs deep. There are more than 70 Olympians living in Boulder County who are drawn to the area because of the supportive athletic culture. 

Get Boulder-y: Create your own mini Olympics as your team-building activity. The folks at Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams can help you bring the Olympic theme to life and design a fun competition outside in Boulder’s scenic foothills.

Photo by Colorado Wilderness Corporate & Teams

Team building with Colorado Wilderness Corporate & Teams

Go Zero

Did you know? Environmentalism is a key component of Boulder's DNA, and the resulting Universal Zero Waste Ordinance requires properties in Boulder to recycle and compost.

Get Boulder-y: Offer your own trio of bins at every point where trash is collected at your conference or event. Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) will accept food waste and recycling is widely available in Boulder. Want to get greener? Read our green meeting guide to Boulder.

Serve Boulder-Grown Snacks

Did you know? Boulder is home to the nation’s largest concentration of natural and organic products companies, a fact that stems from a healthy food tradition here that dates back to the 1800s when folks came here to the foothills to recuperate from illness in the fresh air and sunshine.

Get Boulder-y: Between sessions, provide organic and healthy bites made in Boulder: Justin’s Nut Butter, Quinn Snacks popcorn, Hope hummus, Bobo’s Oat Bars and Celestial Seasonings tea. And there's a bevy of beverages bottled here, too: Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, HopTea and a dizzying array of craft beers.

Give a Nod to Hippy Culture

Did you know? For many people, Boulder still conjures up images of VWs, long hair and peace signs. Between 1960 and 1975, the city’s population more than doubled, with the majority under the age of 24. At that time, hippy culture thrived in Boulder and college students outspoken about political issues transformed Boulder’s social landscape. 

Get Boulder-y: Make flower power, tie-dye, beads and groovy music a part of your meeting’s theme — and make sure you contact us to see if our vintage VW bus, which has been converted into a photo booth and mobile visitor center, is available to roll up to your meeting. It’s a service we provide at no charge for eligible groups, based on availability.

We live and breathe Boulder and are full of creative ideas to delight your attendees. Let's connect!

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