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Boulder Galleries

Delicate strands of tall grass dancing in front of the Flatirons. A ray of sunlight glinting off the bricks that pave Pearl Street. A little girl dancing among a bed of radiant tulips. Such scenes that capture the attention of visitors are also inspiration for Boulder's community of talented and prolific artists.

Boulder's art galleries are filled with paintings, sculptures and photographs masterfully capturing these subjects, as well as art from around the globe. Downtown is lined with art galleries, making for a perfect gallery-hopping destination, and North Boulder (or NoBo) is an emerging artist enclave, with studio galleries that welcome the public every first Friday of the month.

Visit Artists in Their Studios

During the Open Studios Fall Artist Tour, artists open their studios and homes to guests for the first three weekends in October. Visitors have a chance to interact with Boulder's most creative residents in their private workspaces.