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E-Biking in Boulder

See that big hill ahead with the coffee shop you want to try on the other side? Instead of being drenched in sweat and gasping for air when you arrive, rent an electric bike and you’ll be zipping around town with glee.

"With the extra boost from the motor, I was able to relax and pay attention to the scenery." — Author Amanda Loudin on e-biking in Boulder
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E-bikes are exploding in popularity in Boulder, and it's no wonder why. This is one of America's top bike cities to begin with. Add in a little electric boost, and you'll find you can pedal farther across Boulder's vast bike path and bike lane networks to scenic spots with less effort — and have a ton of fun while doing it. Not to mention, it's one of the greenest ways to get around swiftly. You'll find plenty of options for renting and touring on e-bikes here in Boulder.

E-Bike Tours in Boulder

Boulder Bike Tours

Join a two-hour e-bike tour of Boulder’s most well-known and historic spots, like the University of Colorado campus and Chautauqua Park.

Colorado eBike Tours

Sign the family up for a two-hour electric cruiser bike tour to visit Boulder’s gems, like the historic downtown and NCAR.


Have your selection of unique e-bike tours, including a city highlights tour, adventurous mountain biking, exploring the University on two wheels and more.

JD’s Joyrides

Challenge yourself with the High Climber 180° tour of Boulder’s steep hills, appeal to your creative side on a tour of Boulder’s street art with the Wall to Wall Boulder Mural Ride, or opt for a more mellow loop of town.   

Boulder's Best Guided Ebike Tour

Explore nature and learn about local historic and modern attractions. A few stops include Folsom Field, the CU campus, Fiske Planetarium, Chautauqua, the iconic Flatirons, The Hill, historic Pearl Street, Boulder Creek and more.

Beyond Boulder Bike Adventures

While Beyond Boulder specializes in non-electric bike tours, they do have the option to request an e-bike with limited availability to enjoy on one of their relaxing tours that combine pedaling with sipping, soaking or hiking.

Where to Rent


Offering rentals of e-bikes only, Pedego gives you a choice between premium (one of their standard, most popular models), specialty (with extra cargo or space for a child), and tandem (for two). Rent online or in-store.

Boulder BCycle

Best for shorter trips around town, BCycle has 300 pedal-assist e-bikes at 50 stations all across Boulder. Find a Bcycle station and rent a bike right then and there, or download the BCycle App to view all stations near you. You can purchase a day, month, annual or pay-per-trip pass.

Full Cycle Bikes & Colorado Multisport

Have your choice of an electric townie or commuter bike from this shop of experts that was named Best Bike Shop of Boulder County in 2019 and 2020. Rent in-store or online (select Cruise Around Town and then Electric Bikes).

JD’s Joyrides

After buying an e-bike in 2019 and getting rid of his car, Joel Davis started JD’s Joyrides and now offers a selection of Rad Power Bike rentals, including commuters and fat bikes. Call 303-818-5280 to inquire.

Only in Boulder

In 2023, Boulder became the first U.S. city to build tall concrete curbs for bike lane protection, following the lead of other North American cities like Toronto. These curbs also showcase vibrant mural art from local creators.

Where to Ride

There are plenty of routes to cruise around Boulder, but since these punchy bikes are electric-powered, there are some restrictions.

Around Town

E-bikes can be used on all streets, in bike lanes, on some city multi-use paths and on sidewalks outside of dismount zones. Hop off and walk it when you see the yellow and green dismount sign.

This gently winding road has some of the best northerly views to the Flatirons and climbs high up to one of the world's foremost centers for climate science, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The vistas from up here are gorgeous, and there's an exploratory weather trail you can travel by foot.

US 36 Bikeway to the Scenic Overlook

For a great e-bike ride that ends at a roadside summit with fantastic views, travel the US 36 Bikeway, alongside the Boulder Turnpike, from Table Mesa Drive in Boulder to the scenic overlook. There you will find a sweeping panorama overlooking all of Boulder Valley, including the red rooftops of the university, the Flatirons, foothills, farmland and the Rocky Mountains beyond. Interpretative signage will help you identify landmarks and peaks and viewfinder lets you get a closer look. You can pick up some visitor brochures here if you'd like, too. This ride would be a steep and intense climb on a regular bike, but on an e-bike, it's a perfect cruise with views.

Boulder to Gunbarrel

Plug Avery Brewing Company into your Google map, select the directions for bikes and head north on paths to the Gunbarrel neighborhood. You'll ride past some hobby farms and gain a new perspective on the mountains along the way. And the fresh food and inventive brews at Avery will be your reward.

Avery Brewing Patio

Stick To Trails

Avoid riding muddy, excessively wet or icy trails. If you encounter patches of mud or ice, ride through not around it to avoid trail widening.

Nature Trails

Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed only on specific Open Space and Mountain Parks trails. Additionally, several Boulder County-maintained trails, located on the outskirts of Boulder, also allow e-bikes. A selection of trails is below, and here's a full list of e-bike-friendly county trails. We also recommend reading the City of Boulder's Guide to Electric Bikes on Open Space for more information.

Please note, class 3 e-bikes (those that provide electrical power up to 28 mph) are prohibited on all multi-use paths and open space trails managed by the City of Boulder.

Wonderland Lake
This easy and popular 1.1-mile trail in North Boulder follows Wonderland Lake, a diverse ecosystem that features streams, wetlands, shortgrass prairie and shrubs. Please note: Bikes are not allowed on the short loop on the peninsula.

Wonderland Lake

Cottonwood Trail
The 1.2-mile Cottonwood Trail is an open and easy stretch of flat riding that extends north and south from the parking lot. It passes through lush agricultural fields in East Boulder.

Legion Park
The hilltop Legion Park in east Boulder offers a 0.9-mile loop and spectacular views of prairie lands to the east and Flatirons to the west. Bring a picnic and watch the sunset (or rise) with 360-degree views.

Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat
What used to be industrial gravel pits has been transformed into a serene wetland wildlife habitat at Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat. An easy 2.9-mile trail loops around the grounds. Please note: The west side of Walden Ponds will be closed starting October 2023 for a multi-year utility project through March 2024. Learn more.

Twin Lakes
Each of the lakes at Twin Lakes offers a mellow 0.7-mile loop. A haven for wetland wildlife, these well-shaded trails make for an enjoyable cruise.


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Ride Wisely

Be mindful of others. Since e-bikes are faster than their non-motorized counterparts on paths and sidewalks, let people know when you’re approaching or passing.

Tips Before You Go

Learn (and follow) local rules and regulations. We will help you with some of the most important ones here:

Be mindful of others. Since e-bikes are faster than their non-motorized counterparts on paths and sidewalks, let people know when you’re approaching or passing.

Ride single file when passing. Be aware when others are coming down the path and don’t take up the full width riding side-by-side with your friends.

Slow down. When you’re passing or there are people or dogs nearby, reduce your speed and be courteous to others. A smile and acknowledgment of their presence go a long way.

Help protect Boulder's natural beauty. Remember these Leave No Trace principles, and before you go, check here for trail closures due to trail conditions.

Have FUN! E-bikes are a blast to effortlessly dash around on, especially in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. You won't need this reminder when you're magically flying up hills without breaking a sweat, but plan to have a blast.