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Go Fat Biking in Boulder

Crunching down a snow-packed trail through a hushed and stunning wintry landscape on a fat-tire bike (while your fair-weather buddies are stuck inside) will have you feeling like a superhero. The giant, cushy, nubby tires on fat bikes make it all possible — even in heavy snow and icy conditions (but all year-round, really). If you haven't tried it, it's a must. And if you have tried it, you'll love Boulder's trails.

Anything that helps Boulderites get outside regardless of weather gets a big thumbs-up from this outdoorsy town, so there are a growing number of ways to fat bike here.

Where to Rent

Are you a mountain biker ready to try fat biking, or maybe an experienced fat biker ready to see if Boulder's trails live up to the hype? Here's where to rent your own fat bikes.

University Bicycles

Located downtown, U Bikes is staffed with longtime bike experts and enthusiasts. Rent on their website (just scroll down to "type of bike" and click on "Fat Bike").

Fat Biking in Boulder, ColoradoShutterstock/Grogol

Where to Ride

These in-town paths and mountain biking trails are great for fat bikes in winter, or any time of year, really.

Boulder Valley Ranch

Distance: 3.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy–Intermediate
Trail Map
The 3.7-mile Sage Trail from North Boulder's Boulder Valley Ranch is relatively flat but is a sight to see in winter, with sweeping vistas.

Doudy Draw

Distance: 2.2+ miles
Difficulty: Easy–Intermediate
Trail Map
A sidelong view of the dramatically slanting Flatirons is one of the highlights of this large network of trails south of Boulder. Doudy Draw Trail itself is 2.2 miles, but 18 miles of mostly singletrack connect to it.

Chapman Trail

Distance: 5.2 miles
Difficulty: Easy–Intermediate
Trail Map
This 5.2-mile out and back is atop dirt road and is good if you don't have a lot of time since it starts at the base of Boulder Canyon near downtown.

Heil Valley Ranch

Distance: 7.6 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Map
Near the town of Lyons, about 30 minutes from Boulder, is this beloved network of singletrack that's a delight to ride in winter on a fat bike. Keep an eye out for wildlife, particularly wild turkeys.

Guided Fat Biking Adventures

Prefer to let someone else wrangle the bikes and find the perfect trails? Each of the tours and excursions below is available in winter on fat bikes.

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  • (720) 470-1627

Operated by: Front Range Ride Guides Get out and enjoy that Colorado snow in a unique way, with a custom guided winter fat biking tour! FRRG will get you out into the Colorado mountains to enjoy that epic powder, on two monstrous wheels — allowing you to take in the beauty of the…

Leave It As You Find It

Help protect Boulder's natural beauty by remembering these Leave No Trace principles, and before you go, check here for trail closures due to trail conditions.