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Visit the University of Colorado Boulder

From any scenic overlook of Boulder Valley, you’ll see them: a collection of red-tiled rooftops at the foot of the Flatirons. That’s the stunning University of Colorado campus, and it’s part of why Boulder was named the No. 1 best college town in America. The university gives Boulder its hippy past, tech-savvy present and progressive future — not to mention an incredible selection of museums, attractions, theaters, sports teams and scenery for visitors to enjoy. Spend some time exploring the CU campus, university events and cultural treasures while you’re here.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Are you a traveler who likes to minimize your impact when you visit a place? You’re not alone. Many Boulderites share your sentiments, making their way…

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What Boulder Is Known For

Curious about what makes this town tick? While there’s only one way to really “get” Boulder in all its wonderful wackiness — and…

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