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    Aloy Thai


    Mon - Thurs 11 am - 9 pm

    Fri - Sun 11 am - 9:30 pm


    Aloy, painstakingly brings authentic Thai ingredients and care into each dish they serve.

    The traditional home style Thai cuisine is still being served up by five chefs renowned in Thailand for their versatility and adherence to Thai style cuisine

    Aloy Thai has not relented in creating the perfect healthy choices for Boulder residents with particular diets. Served without MSGs added, providing coconut oil, gluten free and vegetarian options, Aloy’s dishes cater to everyone, from the purist to the health conscious.

    Aloy Thai’s menu offers an array of popular Thai favorites that includes everything from meals once made for royalty to appetizers and noodle dishes often found in the carts of street vendors in the kingdom. Harnessing the full-range of Naka dishes, local favorites such as drunken noodles, flavor filled curries and, of course, their ever popular Pad Thai continue to satiate both new visitors and old-time regulars who have come to appreciate the best in South Asian fare.

    Adhering to a health conscious model, Aloy has further developed dishes and teas steeped with herbs such as lemon grass that reportedly provide everything from anti-carcinogenic properties to stomach ache relief.   

    Derived from the Thai word for delicious, Aroy, Aloy was chosen by the family to ensure customers know the renamed restaurant's reasonable prices and healthy ingredients will remain the same for years to come. With dine in lunch specials from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day and a host of gluten free and vegan meals, many find it hard to leave the Thai oasis in the city.

    The next time you are about to grab that burger at a fast food restaurant, stop. Allow Aloy Thai to invigorate your taste buds with new horizons of culinary expectations where the flavors of Thailand will bring you back time and time again to experience the taste critics call “delicious.” 

    Dining Guide
    • Cuisine:
      • Thai
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    • Service:
      • Lunch
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