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    Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.


    Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance: Locally Grown, Internationally Flown from Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance on Vimeo.

    Frequent Flyers® Productions is a non-profit founded in 1988 -- pioneering the art form of aerial dance through teaching and performance for over 28 years. Our performers venture indoors and out, blending aerial work seamlessly with dance. Vampires, a period Swing piece, comic book heroes, hanging from buildings, and even holiday travel take place on all manner of flying apparatus, ensuring Frequent Flyers Productions' a vibrant place in your memory. Education encompasses aerial classes for the community 11-months each year for ages 5+, a 9 mos. professional training program, our international Aerial Dance Festival, private lessons, team building, and outreach for schools and youth-at-risk. Our dedicated facility opened in 2010 and we then expanded in August, 2015 into a 2nd studio.