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    Kutandara Center


    At Kutandara Center, we believe that our music inspires, transforms, and connects us to each other and our world.

    Because we believe this, we commit to -
    Seeking opportunities for others to share these experiences.
    Honoring the traditions that create and sustain this music.
    Using our collective gifts and talents to grow these experiences in new ways.
    Connecting those around us to the peoples and cultures of Southern Africa.
    Collaborating with others as we create communities around this music.
    Recognizing and building the interdependence of the members of our community.
    Engaging others in our success and honoring their commitment to us and to each other.

    At Kutandara Center, we offer classes and workshops for all ages. Our programs are designed to let you embrace your musical creativity and develop your musical skills – not to mention have a lot of fun in the process! Kutandara Center offers instruction in Zimbabwean-style marimba, African drumming, mbira (a traditional Shona instrument), traditional African songs and chiShona, the language of the Shona peoples. Our instructors have a wide range of backgrounds, training and skills that offer a supportive learning environment for all.