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    Michael Wigge Keynote Speaker


    “Michael Wigge is the ultimate budget traveler!”
    Los Angeles Times

    Award-winning travel show host with German descent Michael Wigge has specialized in incredible challenge stories. ‘How to Travel the World for FREE’, ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ (where he turned an apple into a Hawaiian dream house just by bartering for bigger, better things) and ‘How to Travel 2000 Miles on a Razor Scooter in 80 Days’ are just three of his seven travel shows. He recently shared his amazing success stories on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Katy Perry and also on the Today Show. His TV programs and books have been broadcasted and published internationally in several countries.

    Wigge has started as a life coach and funny motivational speaker based on his incredible challenge experiences in 2011. His keynote is Challenge Yourself for Personal Change! He currently forwards his knowledge on stage to the corporate world, to colleges, and also to his private clients.