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    Santo is inspired by Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s home Taos, New Mexico and its Northern New Mexican cuisine. Northern New Mexico possesses a unique natural beauty unlike any other region. The sky is full of light, the mountains are majestic, and as a result artists have settled in the area for decades. The Taos Valley is a large, high desert valley, full of sagebrush and piñon trees, surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The Rio Grande River cuts a 700-foot box canyon through the center, dividing the valley in half. The views cannot be overstated. But there is something else – something mystical that cannot be easily described. It can only be seen and felt. We aim to shed some light on this unique and special place through the food, ambiance and Chef Rosenberg’s unique interpretation of Santo.
    Santo brings to life the vibrant eating and drinking culture of the region with authenticity. The menu, written in collaboration with Chef Arun Moghe, combines classic cuisine - regional spices, chiles and techniques - with a local approach to sourcing meats and produce.