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    Scenic Glider Plane Flights Over Boulder, Denver and the Front Range


    Operated By: Mile High Gliding

    It's scenic!

    For all rides except our Double Flights, you will sit in the front seat of a two-place glider, with your pilot seated behind you. The clear Plexiglass canopy allows an unobstructed view of the fabulous mountain and college town scenery surrounding you.

    It's silent!

    After an aerotow to a suitable altitude, your pilot will release the line from the towplane. You will soar effortlessly, free from engine noise. The enclosed cockpit seals out wind blast to allow easy conversation. With recreation the goal, the pilot is free of most radio, navigation, and air traffic control duties.

    It's safe!

    All rides are given in high performance sailplanes, which are as large as airplanes and not to be confused with small, lightweight hang gliders. Our gliders are certified by the FAA to the same high standards as engine-driven aircraft. Our ride pilots are FAA-certificated commercial pilots. Passengers may be of nearly all shapes, sizes, and ages, and require no training, actions, or physical prowess. We deliver over 1,000 fun outdoor experiences a year.

    It's soaring!

    The glider's wings seem to sprout from your shoulders, and you feel yourself flying like a bird. You may even be lucky enough to find yourself exploring the air currents with a red-tail hawk or a bald eagle! On many days, nature provides the atmospheric engine for longer, higher, further adventure.

    On our longer flights, your pilot can demonstrate gentle aerobatic maneuvers if you wish, or let you take the controls for a portion of the flight. You can also just relax and let your pilot take you on a scenic area tour. See the University of Colorado, the Boulder Flatirons, the Arapahoe Peaks, Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver... mountain lakes, old mining towns, ski resorts, nature preserves and trails, national research laboratories...