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    Dining in Boulder

    Chef Guides to Boulder

    Discover Top Things to Do in Boulder, According to Its Chefs

    Boulder Sliced and Diced BrochureWe asked Boulder's most notable chefs what they like to do in Boulder. Click on each one below to hear what they said. You'll learn about their favorite bike rides, favorite beers, favorite meals — all from the chefs who really know Boulder's acclaimed food scene. 

    Daniel Asher
    River and Woods

    Daniel Asher River and WoodsMy Perfect Day: Wake up, stretch and acknowledge the powerful, majestic beauty of the mountains. Grab the most amazing breakfast burrito du jour at Blackbelly Market, and say “hi” to Nate and the crew, one of the best culinary teams in the region.



    Chris Blackwood
    Avery Brewing Company Restaurant and Tap Room

    Chris Blackwood of Avery Brewing CompanyMy Perfect Day: Begin at Vic’s Coffee Shop with a dark roast coffee and a soy chai for my teenage son. Take our dog to Coot Lake, a hidden gem with amazing views and fun, easy trails.



    Jessica Emich

    Jessica Emich of ShineMy Perfect Day: Starting the day with a strong cup of maté from Pekoe tea house. Then, hiking to the top of Mt. Sanitas with a good friend and my young daughter strapped on my back. Or, depending on the time of year, taking my oldest daughter to Eldora to ski, snowboard and play in the snow.


    Bradford Heap

    Bradford Heap of SALT and Wild StandardMy Perfect Day: I wake up with a strong cup of coffee and a bike ride up over Lee Hill Drive. Back at the house, I let the chickens out, gather the eggs, then walk through the garden to see how all my plants are doing. With freshly picked kale and eggs from our hens, I decide to make my kale and grass-finished “Dubliner cheddar frittata.”


    Kelly Jeun
    Frasca Food and Wine

    Kelly JeunMy Perfect Day: We’re so lucky to live close to great ski resorts. I’d start my day by skiing at Eldora. (I just started to learn how to ski, and it’s so much fun.) After that, I would opt for a pedicure or facial at JLounge Spa.


    Eduardo Valle Lobo
    Frasca Food and Wine

    Eduardo Valle LoboMy Perfect Day: I would start by going fly fishing, which I learned not too long ago but I am enjoying very much. Then, I would spend my afternoon going from one great Boulder restaurant to another.



    Sheila Lucero
    Jax Fish House

    Sheila LuceroMy Perfect Day: I’d start with an early hike at Chautauqua Park, then I’d head down to Alpine Modern Cafe for some breakfast and coffee. Next, I’d bounce down to Pearl street to check out all of the great shops. Then I’d head over to Jax for happy hour — a dozen oysters and great drinks.



    Lenny Martinelli
    Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Chautauqua Dining Hall and Leaf 

    Lenny Martinelli of Three Leaf ConceptsMy Perfect Day: After breakfast, visit the farm, saddle up the horses and do a relaxed morning ride around the farm and along the Coal Creek Trail. Spend a half hour or so turning compost with my John Deere tractor. Head to Boulder and spend some time walking through the Boulder Farmer’s Market.
    Enjoy a light lunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.


    Hugo Matheson
    The Kitchen

    Hugo Matheson of The KitchenMy Perfect Day: Rise early and start with a morning walk, enjoying the morning’s quietness and light. My new favorite trail is off Hwy 36 in North Boulder called the Foothills Trail. Visit McGuckin Hardware. It's one of my favorite stores, and my mother from England likes it, too.


    Kyle Mendenhall
    Big Red F Restaurant Group

    Kyle MendenhallMy Perfect Day: I’d get up early and stop by Wonder on Pearl for a Golden Latte. Then I’d head up to the Eldora area to do a foraging hike. After getting some fresh air, I’d roll back down for ribs and brisket at West End Tavern on Pearl. Then I would head over to VisionQuest Brewery for a beer at the taproom. Next up would be dinner at Amu, which is one of my favorite spots.


    Dave Query
    Jax Fish House Centro Latin Kitchen and West End Tavern

    Dave Query of the Big Red F Restaurant GroupMy Perfect Day: Wake up early. Have breakfast at The Village Coffee Shop. Get some juice at Wonder to take on a hike, a bike ride or to go fly fishing up Boulder Canyon. If you don’t have a bike, rent one from my buddy Doug at University Bicycles (The Greatest Bike Shop in America). Ride up the Boulder Creek Path, fishing for brookies and brownies.


    Steven Redzikowski
    Oak at Fourteenth

    Steven Redzikowski, Oak My Perfect Day: For a quick lunch, I go to Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage. It’s fast, tasty, and they have great customer service. You can order full pies or slices.  I usually get 1 Spicy Pig slice and 1 White slice with mozz, olives, and basil. 


    Hosea Rosenberg
    Blackbelly Market

    Hosea Rosenberg Boulder ChefMy Perfect Day: Wake up to my beautiful wife, little girl and dog. Take the short walk down to Spruce Confections where we enjoy a little coffee, some treats and catching up with the neighbors. Grab a red and green chile breakfast burrito from Santo and head to the mountains for a hike.


    Chris Royster
    Flagstaff House

    Chris Royster Flagstaff HouseMy Perfect Day: Get up early on one of our 300-plus sunny days to drive up Boulder Canyon and get an early start with some fly fishing on Boulder Creek. The views are spectacular and the easy access can’t be beat. Plus, in the mornings there are rarely any other anglers out there. 


    Alec Schuler

    Alec Schuler of Arugula and TangerineMy Perfect Day: Wake up to the Boulder sunshine and start my day with a meditation and some Qigong. Then head to Tangerine Restaurant for the perfect Conscious Coffee cappuccino along with our famous trout-and-apple Benedict. Gather my wife and four sons and take everyone for a stroll and some people watching at the Boulder Farmers Market or on the Pearl Street Mall.


    Eric Skokan
    Black Cat Farm Table Bistro and Bramble and Hare

    Eric Skokan of Black CatMy Perfect Day: Taste undiscovered cheeses and pick up a perfect cup of coffee at Cured and Boxcar Coffee on Pearl Street’s East End. Go to Black Cat Farm to see the animals and pick out fresh veggies. Lunch on the lawn at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

    (Black Cat and Bramble and Hare are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.)



    Dakota Soifer
    Café Aion

    Dakota Soifer of Café AionMy Perfect Day:  Wake up to a sunny, warm, blue sky. Hop on bikes with my daughter and Boo and head to the Boulder Farmers Market. En route, swing by my restaurant, Café Aion for a large press pot of OZO coffee and fresh fried cinnamon sugar donuts. At the Farmers Market grab picnic fixings (tomato, onion, arugula, bread, cheese, peaches), stop by Oxford Gardens’ tent to tease Peter Voltz and get a balloon sculpture.


    Kelly Whitaker

    Kelly Whitaker of BastaMy Perfect Day: Start with coffee! Boulder is one of the best cities in the U.S. for coffee. Although OZO and Boxcar are some of my go-to spots, my new favorite shop is Alpine Modern up on The Hill. If it’s a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening I am sure to be at the Boulder Farmers Market.



    Jeff Whitney
    The West End

    Jeff Whitney of West End TavernMy Perfect Day: Get up early, crank up the coffeemaker and brew a big ol’ pot o’ joe. Get some tunes playing, load up the car and head to the mountains for some snow sports. I always pack a big lunch with some tasty snacks and, of course, some fine Colorado brews.