Boulder is a top American destination for Japanese visitors and to help them we've created, and translated, quite a bit of information in the Japanese language.  Feel free to print out these documents or direct your Japanese visitors to these pages.

  • First Line - this first line is a hyperlink to the Boulder page on the Discover America website. Here you'll see 20 photos of Boulder taken this past autumn, a 3-minute video narrated in Japanese, and more information. The CVB worked hand-in-hand with Discover America and the content focuses on the Pearl Street Mall, hiking at Chautauqua, the Chautauqua Dining Hall, The Dushanbe Tea House, and the Boulder Creek Path. The videographer/photographer was here on a beautiful autumn day and the images give a visitor a good idea of what to expect to see in Boulder.
  • The middle section is a brief overview of Boulder.
  • Boulder Video
  • A travel article from a Japanese travel magazine. The topic is the region of Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs. Lots of Boulder photos - see the spectacular Flatirons photo on page3.
  • These 3 links lead the reader to the English-written pages on our website for more info on hotels, recreation, and requesting a visitor guide.
  • The last link is to the CVB's green guide - read it here in English. It is very, very popular with the Japanese visitors, travel writers and news media.