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    Boulder Farmland

    The Boulder County Farm Trail 

    Farm Trail Brochure CoverThere are over 850 farms in Boulder County, and many of them welcome visitors on a regular basis. On your next visit to Boulder, come meet our extraordinary and passionate farming community, feel the cool Colorado sunshine on your skin, swing on a tire swing, let a handful of juicy raspberries drip down your chin — and see for yourself why Boulderites are so passionate about our land and the foods that come from it.

    Explore below, or access the Boulder County Farm Trail brochure (PDF). But don't just take our word for it, Denver's 5280 magazine's guide to Boulder includes several farms, too.

    Wondering where to start? Here are some specific, fun things to do on Boulder County's farms. There are ideas for everyone, whether you're visiting with kids, are most interested in farm-fresh food, want to take a scenic farm drive through rolling countryside, or simply want to stroll the farmers' market.