mountain of fun 
Debra L. Karplus

Whatever the season, there is much to do in Boulder, Colo. Set in the Rocky Mountains, it is a mecca for just about any outdoor recreation, 12 months a year.

From Champaign, there are several affordable ways to get to Boulder.

American Airlines ( has several daily flights out of Willard Airport via Chicago or Dallas to Denver International Airport. From the airport, you can ride the RTD bus, AB route, which runs almost every hour directly into Boulder for about $7. Be sure to have exact fare for the driver.

For those who have the time for a more leisurely excursion, Amtrak ( can get you there. Or enjoy the scenery of a westward trip by car. Drive north toward Chicago, then go west on Interstate 80 and get to Boulder from the north. Or drive south to Effingham, then west on Interstate 70. An even more scenic drive can be enjoyed by heading south to Tuscola, then west on U.S. 36 all the way into Boulder.