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All the Places Featured in the
"Eat Happy" Video

In Boulder, eating out is as much about the experience as it is about the food. In our recent video above, titled "Eat Happy in Boulder," we had a blast filming a few of our town's tastiest adventures and outings. Now, we're breaking it down so you can go take a bite out of Boulder yourself. 

Coffee, Murals + Playtime Downtown

We began our filming day with a fun family outing to Terracotta, a plant shop that's an eyeful of glorious green with an Instagram-worthy coffee bar built right in. Then we wandered west on Pearl Street, stopping at outdoor play areas and murals and ending with a squeal-inducing kiddie ride on the Tebo Train (runs late May to late August).

Behind the Scenes: While filming at Terracotta, we got to meet Lorenzo, the shop's resident pup who loves to greet customers and take long naps in his bed beneath the plant displays. 

Terracotta served as the setting for our downtown coffee outing featured in the video.

This downtown mural caught our eye on the way to the Tebo Train.

World Cuisine + Dazzling Artwork

Next, we headed to the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse to dine on fresh salads and international dishes like Tajik shish kabobs and Persian chickpea kufteh, which the teahouse serves up with a choice of over 80 teas from around the globe. If you visit, all your senses will be entertained as you take in the spectacular architecture, hand-painted and hand-carved designs on the ceilings and walls, and a trickling fountain with beautiful sculptures. 

Behind the Scenes: While at the teahouse our models learned that they serve a tea that blooms like a flower when steeped in hot water.

Insider Tip

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is a gift from on of Boulder's sister cities, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Read the fascinating story behind the teahouse before you go!

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse was an experience in itself!

Cocktails and Bites + Views

Our whole crew loved the views at Avanti F&B, a food hall in downtown Boulder, where guests can order hot-from-the-oven pizzas, steaming bowls of Taiwanese noodles, or anything you desire from seven mini restaurants. The best part: taking it up to the rooftop and enjoying it all as captivating views of the Flatirons carry your worries away.

Even the locals in our video couldn't get over the Avanti F&B views.

Bikes + Beers

The next stop on our food-and-adventure filming agenda was renting bikes and taking a cruise on the Goose Creek Greenway bike path over to Full Cycle's Tune Up Bar & Coffee Shop, the perfect spot for great biking gear paired with fresh Boulder beers and food from a selection of rotating food trucks outside. They've got a sunny patio and a cool indoor dining room, too.

Behind the Scenes: We were tempted by the cool sunglasses on sale at Full Cycle — and their guided rides and tours, too! 

Goose Creek Greenway was sun-drenched and peaceful on the day of filming.

Pearl Street + Dumplings

Our staff was excited to make their way down Pearl Street and visit our friend Chiri at Chiri's Momo Delight, a food cart frequently stationed near the courthouse at 13th and Pearl. If you go, say hi! You'll be sure to catch street performers, flowers or winter light displays, and amazing boutique shopping on Pearl Street, too.

Behind the Scenes: On our way to order up some dumplings and shoot this scene, our staff spotted the famous street artist Pat Milbery (and his little dog Tora) painting a new mural behind Bohemian Biergarten

Chiri greeting customers and serving up dumpling delights

Picnics, Parks + Waterfalls

In the video, you'll see two picnicking options. The first is at Chautauqua Park, one of the prettiest lawns in town, with a trailhead for hiking into the Flatirons right there. Pick up a gourmet sandwich or quinoa bowl from Alpine Modern, nearby at College and 9th.

A picnic at scenic Chautauqua Park was a highlight of the video shoot.

The second picnic site in the video is Boulder Falls, where a short walk leads you to the rushing sounds and spray of the 40-foot waterfall. If you go, stop by one of Boulder's many health food stores or organic markets first before heading up Boulder Canyon to the falls.

Boulder Falls was the setting for a dreamy picnic with pup in tow.

Behind the Scenes: The dog in the Boulder Falls shots is a sweetie named Duchess. She got more treats than she's ever had in the filming of this video. 

Insider Tip

Did you know Boulder has an annual mural festival? It's called Streetwise Boulder, and each year in September, the festival adds dozens more street art installations all over town — all with a message of "artivism." 

Find Your Happy Place

The very opening and closing shots of the video pan over the "This Is My Happy Place" mural in downtown Boulder. Make sure you stop by 14th and Pearl to snap a few photos (and tag us @visitboulder #happyplaceboulder).

"This Is My Happy Place" Mural