• 2023 CU home games generated $113.2 million. 

BOULDER, Colo., December 8, 2023 – With increased attention on the University of Colorado Buffs and Coach Deion Sanders, home CU football games had a significant impact on Boulder’s economy in the Fall 2023 season. The six home college football games at Folsom Field are estimated to have generated a substantial economic impact of $113.2 million, according to Visit Boulder's event impact calculations.  

It's important to emphasize that these figures represent the estimated economic impact on the broader Boulder region and encompass various facets of economic impact, including direct, indirect, and induced effects.  

The direct economic impact, estimated at $72.1 million, is comprised of direct spending by visitors, organizers, media and sponsors for purchase transactions related to lodging, transportation, food and beverage, retail and recreation. The indirect and induced impact is the additional spending by local businesses and by employees of local businesses through generated income. It also includes the spending that leaks outside of the local economy, due to the purchase of goods, services and raw materials by locals and event organizers.  

The economic impact figures for each home game at Folsom Field of the 2023 season are detailed below, ranging from $16.7 million to $21.6 million. 

CU vs. NE, Sept 9. 2023:  

  • Total economic impact $21.6M 

  • Direct economic impact $13.7M 

  • 53,241 attendees 

CU vs. CSU, Sept 16, 2023: 

  • Total economic impact $17.8M 

  • Direct economic impact $11.3M 

  • 53,141 attendees 

CU vs. USC, Sept 30, 2023: 

  • Total economic impact $21.6M 

  • Direct economic impact $13.8M 

  • 54,032 attendees 

CU vs Stanford, Oct 13, 2023: 

  • Total economic impact $16.7m 

  • Direct economic impact $10.7m 

  • 53,154 attendees 

CU vs Oregon, Nov 4, 2023 

  • Total economic impact $16.9m 

  • Direct economic impact $10.8m 

  • 52,725 attendees 

CU vs Arizona, Nov 11, 2023:   

  • Total economic impact $18.6m 

  • Direct economic impact $11.9m 

  • 52,788 attendees 

“Coach Prime's impact in Boulder has been nothing short of transformative,” remarked Charlene Hoffman, CEO of Visit Boulder. “The economic boon generated by just six home CU football games is cause for celebration in itself. However, what truly sets this experience apart is Coach Prime’s far-reaching influence, touching the lives of people from all walks of life, elevating our collective perspectives, and uniting our entire community in celebration.” 

Ralphie's Corral CU Football Game

In 2023, Folsom Field consistently drew sold-out crowds exceeding an average of 53,000 attendees per home game. Data used included hotel occupancy, average daily hotel rate values, ticket sales, game attendance numbers and attendees’ cities of origin. 

Given Boulder's hotel capacity of approximately 2,500 rooms, visitors are extending their accommodations to various locations across the Front Range and Northern Colorado when attending games at Folsom Field. It's important to clarify that these calculations pertain specifically to overnight stays associated with game days and do not encompass stays unrelated to the game itself. 

The estimated economic impact calculations are generated through an industry tool developed by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, which factors in visitor spending behaviors by event type, and includes a competitive set of destinations with similar populations and economic environments. It’s used by more than 350 cities around the United States and has calculated estimates for more than 500,000 events across the nation. 

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