Steve Thomas
Road Bike Action Magazine

If Boulder, Colorado, isn't America's most famous cycling city, it should be By Steve Thomas t's not always crystal clear why it is that certain areas and cities around the world seem to lend themselves so much towards cycling. And by cycling, I mean the serious and passionate world of road cycling in particular. In Europe, there are cities such as Ghent, Nice, Lucca, Varesse and Girona. All of these metropolises seem to lure top pro cyclists towards their streets and back roads, and, of course, the rest of us follow. Why? Multiple answers here, I guess: convenience, accessibility, terrain, weather? the list goes on. There are several U.S. cities that could stake a fair claim to be branded as a true "bike City." Just as Moab, Utah, and Crested Butte, Colorado, are well-known mountain bike meccas, there really seems to be one clear winner when it comes to the nation's road cycling capital, and it has to be Boulder, Colorado.